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Nature Study Week ~ What is Nature Study?

Nature Study is exactly what its name implies: a study of nature. At the same time, it is much more than simply watching grass grow. In terms of True Education, It is making a conscious choice to spend time in nature, discovering and gaining a deeper understanding of the wonders of creation and our Creator.

Busy modern life does not make much room for time in nature. Time exploring out-of-doors has been crowded out of our busy schedules. It is amazing to think that many children (and adults!) have no real understanding of the natural world around them. They may know the basics of how plants grow or that leaves change color in the fall from science textbooks, but they do not have an intimate personal knowledge of these processes. Hands-on nature time is more of a novelty than the norm. Sadly, there are many who have no idea what they are missing from not spending time in nature.

Nature study is much more than simply science. It is mathematical expression, a record of history, and inspiration for literature, music and fine art. Nature study is an opportunity  to sharpen the powers of observation, to enrich and broaden our homeschool studies and most importantly for us as Seventh-day Adventist families – to draw our hearts closer to our Creator.

This week is Nature Study Week on the AHE blog. Please join us each weekday for ideas, inspiration and resources that will help make nature study a valuable part of your homeschool program.  Tomorrow: The Spiritual Importance of Nature Study

1 thought on “Nature Study Week ~ What is Nature Study?”

  1. I loved what you wrote Ann. I deeply admire the post. You are so very true, we are missing so much out and being ignorant of all the changes. The case it, this post is published in the year 2012, I have no clue what all the greatest of the changes have happened so far, that has gone unnoticed.


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