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Motivation Monday

“Children, Jesus, in order to show you your duty to your parents, passed through the period of childhood and youth. He laid aside his exalted character, and became a child, doing the duties which a child should do. For thirty years he submitted to parental restraint. Yet he was the King of glory, the Majesty of Heaven.

It is common for children, even of Christian parents, when not over twelve years old, to feel that they must be allowed to follow their own desires. And parents are ready to be led by their children, rather than to lead them. Instead of the parents, like Abraham, commanding their household after them, their children command them. For this reason many youth come up with habits of selfishness and idleness. They are vain, proud, and headstrong.

The life of Christ demonstrates to all youth that a life of industry and obedience is favorable to the formation of good moral character, firm principles, strength of purpose, sound knowledge, and high spiritual attainments. Most of the youth of the present day cherish a love for exciting amusements, which is unfavorable for high attainments in mental culture, and for physical strength. The mind is not kept in a calm, healthful state for thought, but is, much of the time, under an excitement; in short, is intoxicated with the amusements it craves, which renders it incapable of close application, reflection, and study.”


Youth’s Instructor,  September 1, 1873

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